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Finally a way to tap into the music market without even knowing how to sing, hum or play any instrument. This package comes with 60 high bitrate MP3 files containing music in durations ranging from 12- 60 seconds. All of them can be repeated as a loop flawlessly. Unlimited usage rights apply. You also get 12 bonus tracks! Here are just a few ways you can use these tracks…

Music tracks are necessary to complete many projects including but not limited to:
Musical Postcards
Music for screen savers
Music for YouTube Videos
Music for your next tele-class
Music CDs
Website Audio
Audio for credit rolling
Use them as background Sound for your own Videos or presentations
Sell royalty free music on Ebay
You have complete control of these tracks

Around 40 minutes of music tracks in various styles.
These tracks are recorded in 128K MP3 format all in one convenient ZIP file
These tracks are typically 12 to 60 seconds long
Download: Sample (Right click on link and save as)
Complete Downloadable file is nearly 66 Megs of music.

And the best thing is you can have this package for as low as $17