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Bonza Cart is the perfect solution for Paypal merchants offering downloadable (eGoods) and tangible goods for sale who need a full featured storefront & shopping cart, secure automated file delivery system & powerful administration backend all in one!

Bonza Cart uses a PHP & MySQL template driven storefront allowing you to change the look and feel of the store to suit your business theme, easily add new template themes.

Security is performed by using Bonza Carts IPN Verification System, transactions will go through several security checks before being completed, this system stops fraudulent transactions assuring YOU receive the payment & not someone else!

The Bonza Cart Control Panel gives you the power to control your Storefront settings, Banners, Categories, Items, Logs, Messages, Newsletter, Order Processing, Customer Data etc. with the click of a button!

General Features:

  • Powerful Database
  • Process Digital and Tangible Items
  • Secured Web-based Administration
  • Dynamic Storefront Features
  • Realtime Shipping Calculation
  • Easy Installation
  • Dual Mode Operation for Sandbox Testing and LIVE Sales

Storefront Features:

  • Top and side random banner rotation system
  • Google Ads display (optional)
  • Displays top 5 selling items
  • Display items in Rows or Columns
  • Item rating system (optional)
  • Dynamic category menu w/ 1 level subcategory
  • Customer account feature with password recovery (customers can download digital files instantly)
  • Secured download link delivery
  • Instant download link for FREE items
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Tangible items with options,qty & shipping
  • Index page displays random products

Adminstration Features:

  • Manage digital and tangible orders
  • Logs sales & store statistics
  • Paypal IPN Verification for secure transactions
  • Secure digital files outside public path
  • Wysiwyg Content Management System
  • Random Banner Management
  • Expiring Download Links
  • Show/Hide eBay Items in storefront
  • Personalised Message Templates
  • Wysiwyg Newsletter Function
  • Supports Multiple Storefront Templates
  • Dual IPN Mode for sandbox testing

Ebay Compatible:
Increase your sales turnover by selling your Bonza Cart items on eBay!
Customers will receive their download link by email immediately after payment and sales will be logged exactly the same as if they were using the cart directly.

Ebay transactions are controlled by Bonza Carts IPN system which checks transactions with the database to make sure the Item Name matches EXACTLY & that the Item Price is equal to or greater than that in the database, this allows functionality with BIN(Buy It Now) & Variable priced auctions. You can optionally show/hide ebay items at the storefront.


  • Unix, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD Server
  • Server with PHP 4.3.0 or greater
  • Server with MySQL database access
  • Active PayPal Premier/Business Account


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