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Content is king online, but managing it can be difficult. Adding a new page can mean having to update and upload multiple pages – a manual and time consuming chair. Managing users and their access levels and keeping everything in synch can mean time and money lost.

evoArticles makes article management easy so you can focus on adding content. Install the software (or ask us for free) and you are ready to publish on the web!

evoArticles makes running a content website easy and simple. No need to go out and hire expensive programmers or fiddle around with programming. evoArticles makes running a content website easy.

Key benefits of the software include:

  • Its easy to use – Adding content to your website has never been easier. The built in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor lets you edit your article as if you are using Microsoft Word. No need to worry about what HTML tag does what. Type in your content, edit as needed, and click, its live on the web.
  • We use our own software – Our parent company runs content-based websites, and they all use evoArticles. Working with them side by side helps us understand what tools and features you need.
  • Standards compliant – We are a big fan of web standards. evoArticles validates to the XHTML specifications.
  • Its easy to expand – All our code is written using PHP OOP. Modifying and changing the core of the software is easier than any other competing product.
  • User Management – Don’t worry about user permissions and workflow problems. Set up access levels to make sure all content is approved first.
  • Easy to rebrand – If you are web developer, evoArticles can be your secret weapon. Remove the hassle from having your own clients update and manage their websites.
  • Lifetime Updates and Support – Unlike some of our competitors, all upgrades to evoArticles will be free for you to download. And we will always be here provide unlimited support. You pay once for our software, and that is it. We have better things to do than gouge you.
  • Save time and money – No need to worry about web development or technical support staff. Just concentrate on content.
  • Update whenever you want – Leave FTP, CHMOD, and those confusing acronyms behind. Login using the web-based admin panel and add content within seconds.


  • Easy to install. Modify only one file and upload. Takes less than 10 minutes. If you think you can’t do it, we will do it for you.
  • HTML knowledge optional. Your writers don’t need to know their <b> from their <u>
  • Web based for access anywhere anytime. Just log in and go
  • Every single component can be customized to your needs. No complex scripting – just modify the HTML and see the changes instantly
  • Comes with a WYSIWYG editor that works on Internet Explorer, Opera, and FireFox
  • Notifies you upon login of any outstanding articles or comments that need your attention
  • Forum integration – control users from one panel.
  • Use the internal comments system or integrate with a forum
  • Automatically thumbnail associated images
  • Create unlimited related fields to be filled when adding an article
  • Uses mod_rewrite to make pages that can be easily spidered
  • Caching system to keep CPU utilization low
  • Glossary for quick reference
  • Site Map expanding all categories and ability to list out all articles

Site Stats

  • Track pageviews
  • Track unique visitors
  • Track comments
  • Browser Summary
  • OS Summary
  • Top 10 site referrers
  • Top search engine referrers
  • Most popular search engine keywords
  • Top rated articles
  • Most popular articles

Article Management

  • Add Articles without knowing any HTML
  • Add dates to publish in the future
  • Set article to either be active or require validation
  • Use the built in quick buttons to:
    • attach image
    • bold
    • italicize
    • underline
    • add webpage link
    • add email link
    • embed image
    • highlight PHP code
  • Alternatively, use the WYSIWYG system to:
    • Toggle between WYSIWYG and HTML source
    • Copy/paste text
    • Paste as plain text or Word document
    • Find/Replace
    • bold
    • italicize
    • underline
    • strikethrough
    • subscript
    • superscript
    • bulleted listings
    • justify text
    • insert tables
    • font format
    • font face
    • font size
    • text color
    • background color
  • Select related articles
  • Allow feedback/comments
  • Allow article to be rated
  • Set template style for each page
  • Add support files (research material, etc)
  • Attach images and automatically thumbnailed
  • Import existing HTML file to extract content
  • Administrators/editors can publish articles under another author
  • Validate articles before seen by public
  • Add an unlimited number of fields

Category Management

  • Assign unlimited subcategories
  • Assign category image
  • Use different styles for each category for a unique look
  • Meta keywords and description
  • Sorting options (alphabetical, date published, views, rating)
  • Add custom fields (text, textarea, radio buttons)

Search Engine

  • Quickly search and find what you want
  • Search entire site or specific categories
  • Powerful advanced search that lets you:
    • Search throughout entire article or title only
    • Search by Author
    • Specify which categories to search through
    • Search within dates
    • Sort results
    • Supports fulltext
    • Syndicate search results using RSS!
  • Set results per page
  • Set maximum results to display
  • Minimum search keyword length
  • Flood control – delay between searches

User Administration

  • Separate login area for writers
  • Comes ready with four levels of access:
    • Administrator – full access to evoArticles
    • Editor – ability to approve and edit any article
    • In-House Writer – can add articles without Editor validation
    • Writer – must have articles approved by Editor
  • Create new user groups – 8 levels of access to the article system
  • Add fields to author profile
  • Email all your writers from the admin panel
  • Set avatar picture


  • Supply an RSS feed on:
    • New articles
    • Most popular articles
    • Highest rated articles
    • Specific Categories
    • Search Results
  • Also comes with ready JavaScript for those unfamiliar with RSS


  • Create unlimited template sets
  • Manage general colors and other settings directly online (generated CSS)
  • Export and Import different styles
  • Edit multiple templates at once
  • Duplicate styles
  • Allow for dynamic skinning of your website
  • Search within templates


  • Hosting – we do not provide a hosted solution. You must have somewhere to upload evoArticles to.
  • PHP 4.1.0+ – Your host must have PHP4 installed.
  • MySQL Database – As our software is dynamic, it requires access to a MySQL database.
  • Permissions (chmod) – You must be able to set permissions for files and folders.
  • FTP Access – To upload the necessary files. We also provide free installation.
  • GD Library – For image manipulation (optional)
  • mod_rewrite – For search engine safe URLs (optional)


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