Turnkey Website Scripts

Have you ever wanted your very own profit generating niche website? Or does that sound like way too much work to you?

What if you had someone build that site for you? Better yet, what if you had someone build you a brand new custom niche website every day?

Now, I’m not talking about those spammy looking sites that have nothing but Adsense ads and no content! No, I’m talking about real niche websites with real content and real income!

You’ll receive 31 Professionally Designed Custom Niche Websites … that’s 1 new Custom Website for each day of the month! Can you imagine the income that you can generate from uploading a new site everyday?

Here’s an example snapshot:

As you can see from the snapshot above, each page of each custom website comes with SEVEN possible profit streams (which you keep 100% of the profit!):

Income Stream #1) Google Adsense Block #1
Income Stream #2) Clickbank Affiliate Products
Income Stream #3) Opt-In Form For Your Autoresponder
Income Stream #4) Amazon Affiliate Products
Income Stream #5) Google Adsense Block #2
Income Stream #6) Clickbank Affiliate Products
Income Stream #7) Ebay Affiliate Products

These Custom Niche Websites are designed so that it’s extremely easy to setup and install each site. All your info such as Adsense Publisher ID, eBay Affiliate ID, Clickbank ID, Amazon Affiliate ID, website name, background colors, and more will be added in one central file.

As you can see, modifications to your site can be made quite easily! Want to change the wording on the opt-in form? No problem! Want to change the website name? No problem! Want to change the background color? No problem! You can even control what affiliate products are shown for the Clickbank, Amazon, and eBay affiliate blocks!

Some people like to use RSS feeds to ensure that their sites are “unique” and different. However, my preference is to NOT use RSS feeds on webpages simply because if your visitor clicks on a RSS feed link, then *POOF* they’re gone to someone else’s site!

Instead, these niche sites incorporate randomly generated snippets that will take your visitors to other article pages on your site! You get the same benefits of using RSS feeds without losing your visitors!

As you can see from the snapshot above, each site not only includes the 20+ content pages, but you also get a “Contact Us” page, a “Sitemap” page, a “Terms Of Use” page, a “Bookmark This Site” link, and an on-page option for having the pages translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean.

And it’s not all! As a bonus You will also receive 10 Ready-To-Upload 24-Page Websites. That’s totally 41 niche websites!

And the best thing is you can have this package for as low as $27