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Even if You already know how to do this by hand, the EzWPCloner plugin makes life so much easier! So maybe you already know how to backup your blog, save the database, zip your files, create new database, create a user, add permissions, upload files, unzip…etc – all by hand…  EzWPCloner allows you to do this AUTOMATICALLY, with a few clicks of your mouse!

We’re guessing that you already know the power a WordPress blog holds for marketing your business online, so we won’t rehash that here.

Instead, we want to show you what we believe is the most user friendly, point and click simple way to clone (make an exact copy of) your WordPress blogs…

You don’t need any special knowledge on php or how to build and plugins.

The EzWPCloner Plugin!

Fill In The Five(5) Simple Fields Shown In The Screenshot Below, And The EzWPCloner Plugin Will Automatically:

  • Install an exact copy of your WordPress blog to any cPanel powered domain
  • Install and activate your Theme on your new blog
  • Install AND activate ALL of your Plugins on your new blog
  • Edit and Activate Your Permalink structure
  • Copy, Edit, and Activate EVERY setting exactly as it exists on the blog you are cloning
  • Copy ALL of your blog content to your new blog

Can you imagine how long this would take you to do by hand?

EzWPCloner Features

  • Upload and Activate Like Any WP Plugin!
  • Now Anyone Can Clone Their Blogs!
  • Use It On Unlimited Blogs!
  • User Friendly Interface Shown Below!
  • Developer License Available!

Take A Look At The Simple User Interface Of EzWPCloner That Makes This The Perfect Tool:

That’s It! There’s Nothing To ‘Learn’…Nothing More To ‘Do’…You’re Done!

Get instant access to the EzWPCloner Plugin for just $17.

You can use it on UNLIMITED Blogs!